When The Glaciers Are Gone

Waitaki Whitestone Geopark

Striking landscapes transformed by the retreat of glaciers, the river flowing through the center of these artworks was likely fed by the melting ice of a glacier that once dominated the landscape. However, now the glacier has retreated, leaving behind a rocky, barren landscape dotted with patches of green vegetation.

The colors in the image reflect this transformation, with shades of blue and white giving way to browns and greens. The once-mighty glacier, which is now gone, would have been a brilliant, icy blue, but now only a few remnants remain, visible in the distant peaks. The rocky landscape that was once covered by the glacier is a mix of pale browns, grays, and whites, with occasional patches of green where vegetation has taken root.

The rivers, a deep blue, a reminder of the glacier that once fed it. The sky above with a few clouds scattered throughout creates a sense of openness, and vastness.

These artworks evoke a sense of loss and transformation, as a once-dominant force in the landscape retreats to leave behind a new, changed world. The colors reflect this transformation, with shades of blue and white giving way to browns and greens, a visual reminder of the power of nature and the forces that shape our world.

Stretching from the Southern Alps all the way to the ocean north of Oamaru, over 60,000 visitors a year follow the river down the Waitaki Valley along the Alps to Ocean cycle trail .

The Waitaki region is soon to become New Zealand’s first UNESCO Global Geopark. Read more about this here.

For over fifteen years now Derek Golding has worked with the digital medium. These artworks are edited and painted in photoshop.

The Braided Rivers is Derek’s first series of artworks showcasing the beauty of the Waitaki Whitestone Geopark.

The artworks are available in a variety of sizes and printed on canvas or aluminum. More variety will be added soon, including museum-quality high-grade papers.